Send me (☉_☉) for my muse’s reaction to your muse lying bruised and bloodied on their front doorstep.

— Yosuke was just about to leave for work, his apron and name tag shoved into his side bag and his shoes tied onto his feet, he swung open the door only to stop and stare at the small girl who lay in front of him; her dress stained with blood. Was it even hers? Or… “H-Hey…! Wake up!" What was he supposed to do? Hospital? Yes, that’s what he needed. Whipping out his cell, he quickly dilled the number in a panic.

H-Hey, a girl just— she’s bleeding and not waking up! Send somebody quickly!

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Send me (☉_☉) for my muse’s reaction to your muse lying bruised and bloodied on their front doorstep.

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{ Hey guys, long time no see ahaha. Sorry I haven’t been online; I work 4 days a week from 7: 30 am to 5 pm, so by the time I get home I’m seriously exhausted to the point where I just pass out on what ever or who ever is closest to me.

But I hope you all are well, I think I will try to rp Yosuke today; just some light stuff and Asks/Meme’s if I get any. }

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Slowly, Yosuke's shadow slid up behind his host and smiled, "Happy birthday to you, Happy birhday to you, Happy birthday, dear Yosuke... Happy birthday to you..~"



Was caught a bit off guard from the sudden appearance of his shadow, having jumped a bit when he heard that voice beginning to sing. Glances over to. ” Er..Thanks? But wouldn’t it be your birthday too?

— The shadow only smiled, and hugged his host from behind; his golden eyes hidden behind his lashes. “Ohhh, silly you… I am you, yes… But I only manifested after you because a douche bag~ So, it was your birthday first, precious Yosuke..~

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— “I’ll fucking kill you.

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— “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… Happy birthday, happy birthday… .Happy birthday…. to me~

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— “Holy shit, Happy birthday to me, with a headache… Juuuust what I wanted.

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> Sends virtual instant ramen for Yosuke's birthday.

— “How the fuck am I supposed to eat this…?

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"Welcome back Yosuke~!

And happy bear-thday! “The lass shouted,coiling her arms around the lad.

— Yosuke almost screamed when Kuma tackled him; wrapping his arms around her middle so she wouldn’t fall, he smiled. “Thanks, Kuma-chan…But let’s not break me in half by attackin’ me okay?

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— “I honestly have NO excuse as to why I wasn’t here… I guess, School, work, and other things…like babe hunts But I’m back now…! Miss me?

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